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  • Navigator change: look updated to current version, and guest rooms split into categories. List of favorite rooms introduced;

  • Introduction of the ‘:furni’ (HC) command, and SHIFT + click dialog holding names inside a public room when hitting ‘Go’ on a public room..



  • Furniture ‘de-branded’, sponsor descriptions/logo’s removed (view some of these changes here);

  • Hobba’s power (predecessors to current HabboX, more power) decreased;

  • New badge ‘dialog’: set badge to (un)visible and also change badge when having multiple badges;

  • When moving furniture, a shadow is added of where the furniture is at that moment;
  • Ability to stand on stacked furniture (bars, ...);
  • ‘Ignore-button’ added.


  • New - rare - furniture (full list here).



  • Entrance in guest room: now facing the room;

  • Waiting row added for full rooms (seperate row for Habbo Club members);

  • Controls added to ‘the hand’ (back-/forwards, close), auto-closing (after placing furniture) off;

  • Buy bundles of HC membership and save credits + enhanced membership overview;

  • Habbo Club member only public rooms;

  • Habbo Club member only dances;

  • Wallet now shows available tickets/photo’s;

  • Registration screen changed (simplified);

  • Friends list for regular users limited to 100.

It’s also said v8 contained a lot of patches against illegal scripting, bugfixes so certain scams wouldn’t be possible anymore etc. Also, the new ‘Battle Ball’ game is attached to this release, as is the introduction of Habbo Xperts.



  • New - big - room designs for regular users and (more) for Habbo Club members;

  • Renewed ‘Call for Help’ (early shifting in type of question), said to be faster.


  • New furniture (sport tracks);

  • New public rooms (Oriental).


Version 10 was an intermediate release, probably bugfixing and security updates, skipped by a lot of hotels that went into already developed v11 immediately.



  • New clothes (asian);

  • Introduction of “Habbo Live”/Spectator mode;

  • Recolor of Area and Candy furniture;

  • New wallpapers, new prizes for wallpapers;

  • New ‘ticket’ prizes.


  • New game, “SnowStorm”;

  • Habbo ‘Homes’/Edit look & details from homepage (as these homepage features connect to this hotel release we consider these a part of v11);

  • New - recolored - furniture in multiple versions (Area, Iced, Mode) + additions to Iced and Area;

  • New - rare - furniture (list of released items here);

  • New public rooms (Internet café, Tropical bar, Roof terrace + bar, Dusty lounge, Old skool x 2).



  • New room loading (‘loading blocks’);

  • Option to make furniture available for purchase to Habbo Club members only (Club Shop);

  • Habbo Club status/purchase on homepage;

  • Unconfirmed (when it started, update as such is true), but said that with this release new furniture is no longer attached to version update. Meaning, furniture for instance created/introduced with v14 release can be released in a hotel with an older version.


  • Credit furniture/Habbo Exchange - mostly released directly with version release;

  • New - Habbo Club - furniture (full list here);

  • New - seasonal - furniture (Gothic (multiple colors), Valentine additions, “Romantique”, grand piano);

  • New pet: Crocodile.



  • Loading screen shows updated Sulake logo;

  • Option to create ‘groups’ (including badge(editor) and group widget for Habbo homes). Placement of regular badges changed (went upwards to create room for group badge underneath);

  • Option to create Habbo home stickers (just ‘avatars’ - same dialog as ‘Change my ID’);

  • Introduction of the “Ecotron” - recycle old furniture for some new - unique - items.


  • Introduction of the “Traxmachine” - a soundbox with option to create your own music (predefined sounds to be purchased in sets);

  • New furniture (more “Romantique” items, Habbowood chair, valentine cauldron) - furniture not technically attached to the release;

  • “Battleball rebound” - new look, new rules.



  • New web dialog to manage your Habbo Home, including
    catalogue for items;

  • New web dialog to retrieve forgotten password;

  • New Snowstorm area’s;

  • Console updated to handle friend requests more efficient;

  • New widget for Habbo Home (HC only) - have your home rated by others, or use it as a voting tool for anything you want answered;

  • Button added to the ‘My profile’ widget for sending a friend request/option to turn friend requests off;

  • Option to turn ‘bobba filter’ off.



  • Stickies for Habbo Homes, guestbook entries etc. now have an advanced editor (bold/italic/colored/underlined text and more);

  • The limit of characters in a message you post in a Guestbook is updated from 200 to 500;

  • New widget for Habbo Homes that can play a Trax tune;

  • Options to attach ‘tags’ to your Habbo - option to search and find Habbo’s (via homepages) with similar interests;

  • Traxmachine editor updated: you can now make and save up to 50 tunes, make playlists that play up to 5 tunes;

  • Option to export a trax tune (1 credit) to a ‘CD’ (can contain 1 song, tradable);

  • New piece of furniture: the Jukebox can hold and play up to 10 CD’s;

  • Habbo groups: member limit updated to 1500 and beautified url;

  • Member widget and friends widget are now searchable;

  • Habbo export extended: option to link to rooms and Trax tunes.



  • Groups get a forum, with basic options like regular forums;

  • Console updated with ‘warp to friend’ buttons;

  • Basic options to score rooms introduced (to be extended);

  • When entering a room Jukebox (textbubble) names song and creator.



  • New ‘Inf-o-matic’ within hotel widget gathers all options already available when clicking a person or object, now including tags and with some show/hide options;

  • Room scoring improved, and made meaningful by resulting in a place within recommended rooms section in navigator.



  • New website, very Web 2.0, lots of options (view friends off/online, messages, friend requests etc.) added;

  • Functionality of ‘group homes’ extended to information pages (games/events/fansites);

  • New hats, clothes, accessoiries, combinations possible (hair+hat), in new colors. Percentage for HC members increased;

  • Small update to console - friend request handling with one click (the bulk friends request accept/deny introduced in v14 is gone, though still available when you have a lot of friend requests).



  • Loading changed (hotelview shows up earlier, loading bar beneath);

  • New accessories, hats etc.;

  • Console icon in toolbar bounces when new message arrives;

  • New visitors (or old accounts firstly in v19) get a choice between 6 starter rooms (new room design), 6 colors, 5 different pieces of furniture (8 total) to be earned when sticking around for a week, can’t trade/recycle (recently added tutorial now gone);

  • Small improvements to website (buttons, rotating news), and search feature inside hotel.



  • ‘Infobox’ after logging in made more colorful, motto can be changed there now;

  • Lots of changes to ‘speaking’ within the hotel. Speechbubbles now show faces (click to select) and arrows, half-shown s.nt..c.s removed (either see or not), whispering now available all over the room, ‘person is typing’ icon added;

  • Option to store up to 4 outfits added (HC only) - for people not HC yet there’s an option to visually try HC clothes (on Habbo Club page);

  • Options to disallow the ‘follow to room’ feature and hide online status;

  • Hovering navigator icon now shows recommended rooms;

  • Option for new players to get some members of the ‘Welcoming party’ group send their way.



  • New accessory, ‘Mood lightning’ control panel to adjust light setting in your room;

  • New ‘Events’ button in toolbar (mute and help icons made smaller), opening a red events dialog showing current happenings;

  • New item in Ecotron, the ‘Moon lamp’;

  • Kick & ban someone from your room for 15 minutes;

  • Friend request handling now also from a tooltip on hovering console icon;

  • Owner of a group can now add a room(link) as HQ for the group to the group info widget;

  • Along with a bunch of small fixes/updates to the website, clothing (coloring more sophisticated).



  • Gone widescreen. A bigger window with room for the inf-o-matic (they heard the complaints);

  • Friend management - moved from console to homepage (Account settings/Friend Management). Grouping option added;

  • Minimail - sending messages moved from console to homepage. Console is now merely an information tool which links you all around;

  • Instant messenger added;

  • New and updated icons on toolbar (IM added, most updated);

  • A small amount of new clothes;

  • Some public rooms widened too.



  • New loading screen;

  • Catalogue section with windows (old ones are now able to be picked up, rooms come with none by default);

  • Instant messenger invitations simplified (how ?!);

  • A small amount of new clothing accessoires.



  • Welcome party extended the ‘Habbo Guides’ replacing the Habbo eXperts. Accept invitation (= also friend request), if Habbo’s keep logging in and stay friends, earn badges;

  • Purse removed and integrated into catalogue, integrated toolbar icon;

  • Three new hairstyles added.


  • Now are free, old scores frozen and into a ‘Hall of Fame’;

  • Lobbies removed, now accessible by new icon on toolbar;

  • Other ways to join are clicking bubble with icon of other people in room that are joining, or the speech command “:ig”;

  • By playing you earn ‘eXperience points’ (XP), also reflected in the inf-o-matic and in the optional new gaming widget for your Habbo Home;

  • Game interface tweaked with amongst it a new ‘instructions’ icon.



  • New window views, available in the ‘Spaces’ category;

  • Search feature now back in the console (still on homepage);

  • Hovering a friend in the console will now get you his/her head, motto and last login;

  • Badges widget for homes, now possible to show all your badges at the same time;

  • ‘Infobox’ on the homepage now tells when receive a new ‘guide point’.



  • Tool for badges added;

  • Possibility to show up to five badges at the same time, in the hotel, added;

  • Achievements added. Complete a quest and earn a badge;

  • ‘Inf-o-matic’ updated again;

  • Hovering a badge will get you a tooltip with the badge name and description;

  • A lot of new badges to the achievements. They've now left the principle with three characters long names on the badges in directories;

  • Also, one new accessoire (stethoscope).



  • Plenty of new achievement badges;

  • ‘Respect’ tool added;

  • Furniture in catalogue now loads too;

  • Navigation buttons in the hand changed a little bit.



  • Updated catalogue: (sub)categories added, and scrolling to a furniture range page;

  • Introduction of a second currency, ‘Pixels’. Pixels are earned with regular achievements (just logging in will get you some), and get you discounts, but also more:

  • …like temporal effects for your avatar (examples: transparency, spotlight, butterflies around you). Once purchased controlled by clicking yourself and the FX button (integrated into badge tool);

  • …or ‘rentals’, pieces of furniture to temporarily lighten up a party;

  • Return of monthly XP (icon) in inf-o-matic.



  • New (online time) and extended (games won, logged in days, rooms visited) achievement(s) (badges);

  • New effects (colored hoverboard, jetpack, policecar, microphone);

  • New catalogue frontpage with changable ‘first impression’ picture;

  • You can now walk through people in guestrooms, first two tiles from the door (anti-blocking);

  • Speech bar extended, icons moved to far right;

  • Speech bubbles show up ‘spiked’ when holding a microphone;

  • Tags color yellow when having them in common;

  • Some visual changes to homepage;

  • Gold penguin trophy released in ecotron.



  • New achievement(s) (badges), at a same time, introduction of the Trader’s pass. Trading only possible with verified email address, and after 3 hours online time;

  • The ‘Noob’ range is now called ‘Hello’ furniture and available for exchange with pixels only.


  • Voting tool for performances, made for American Idol. Stand on the spot (piece of furniture), select Trax song and perform. Visitors on voting chairs can rate the performance (yes/no). Related achievement badges to be rewarded.



  • Update to Ecotron - now takes only 5 items and gives (new) furniture out randomly, some items easy to get, others more rare (up to a 1:2000 chance to get);

  • ‘Automobile’ section added to pixelshop. With 4 cars, that are effects that last for 48 hours, and some real furniture accessoiries;

  • Only room owners and people having rights can now switch on/off most furniture, like lamps (much asked for, thanks Wink;

  • Small changes to homepage (prev/next for topstories most obvious).


Only one substantial and visible update in this release, the start/‘Landing’ page received a new look. Apart from some tiny other visible updates to catalogue and some hand items core part of this release is not visible, and apparently targeted at getting more (future) speed, less lag inside the hotel.



  • ‘Lido Diving’ is now a free game;

  • The former ‘Games’ tab on homepage changed to ‘Safety’;

  • Also a new clothing color added, lime green.


Long awaited big version, referred to as ‘Habbo Beta’, old hotel still available, new version first accessible to a beta group, later on replaced with open beta.


  • New loading screen;

  • Resizable window;

  • Toolbar re-located to the left side, re-styled, animated icons icons, and some new (your habbo face, room icon (room information), zoom in/out magnifying glass);

  • Ability to zoom in/out private rooms (in = default) - depending on resolution, combined with resizable window, one might be able to see a big private room zoomed in fully on screen;

  • New catalogue look (no big changes - but the effects pages now show you Habbo in their previews);

  • Fully revamped navigator, events system now integrated. More tabs: front (with ability to link to sections/floors), ‘Everyone’ (showing floors and collections by tags), ‘Me’ (showing your rooms), ‘Friends’ and ‘Search’, plus a level up button;

  • Ability to design (with some presets) a room icon for your rooms inside navigator;

  • Room-o-matic as such gone, more generic look (blue dialog frame);

  • ‘Hand’ as such gone, more generic look (blue dialog frame), with integrated badge tool and achievements tab. Same items go under one icon with a counter (like trading), separate floor and wall sections added;

  • Inf-o-matic dialog for furniture now shows a new (sometimes) medium sized image of the piece of furniture;

  • ‘Me-menu’ when clicking face in toolbar give a dialog (inf-o-matic style) with shortcuts to own rooms, badges, clothes, effects. Dancing and waving there too;

  • Chat history now available, by dragging a fancy transparent panel down;

  • Old static infobubble replaced with info popups/notifications, fading out (pixels/respect received, friends on/offline, furniture purchased).

Temporarily (?) unavailable:

  • Battleball, Snowstorm and lido diving;

  • Public rooms;

  • Pets (all show up as a walking animal with cloth on top of it, no info when clicked);

  • Traxmachines (not working);

  • Catalogue sections (Ecotron, Pets, Trax);

  • Hotelview (now a global generic beta background);

  • Moodlight (not working);

  • Guides system;

  • Moving furniture while holding ALT key, ‘:furni’ and ‘:chooser’ commands;

  • Call for help dialog.



  • Beta for all, old version still available;

  • Go to home icon (a nest) added to toolbar. Ability to select a room to go to, but wityh none selected an easy way out any room (as clicking inside door is rather dysfunctional);

  • Group badges link to groups page;

  • Speechbubble indicating someone’s typing now transparent.

Returned features:

  • Public rooms (not able to zoom in). Those with a former fixed-screen full background re-styled;

  • Call for help dialog.



  • A new command, ‘:pickall’, by which you can pick up all furnite in a room (use :PICKALL (capitals) to bypass the warning dialog).

Returned features:

  • Pets & their section in catalogue. Plus an inf-o-matic alike dialog when clicked on. Can now place 5 in a room, more colors available and their speech bubbles show their body.



  • Introduction of guide bots answering questions when called for. Regular bots getting worked into same system too, and bots for competions in rooms available too;

  • Restructering Navigator, Events now default, home button added. Subsections get their own icon;

  • Minimail now available inside hotel too;

  • :PICKALL (capitals) also has a warning dialog;

  • Habbo not waving in inf-o-matic anymore;

  • Signs of upcoming changes to clothing display.

  • Window in 'Spaces' (Catalogue) changed from normal to Large
    Romantic Window;

  • New command (:v), which shows the active version. (NOTE:
    Only the first person who entered the room or the pet in that
    particular room (as it was the first inside that room) will
    say the active version, only visible to you.);

  • You now get a warning when you got kicked or banned from a

  • You now get a warning when you try to enter a full room.

Returned features:

  • Moodlight, and it now has 4 more ways to appear and a catalogue section.



  • Changing outfit (re-)added to client;

  • Windows have clouds;

  • Buying Habbo Club (re-)added to catalogue;

  • Sound when receiving pixels (re-)added to client;

  • Embed page for your site (will bring you automatically
    to the room you took the code from);

  • Updated credits page (UK only);

  • New HC redeem box visible when changing inclient.

Returned features:

  • Ecotron.



  • Updated login page;

  • Updated registration page;

  • Updated loading screen;

  • Updated ‘Nest’-icon (switches between ‘
    Go to Hotelview’ and ‘Go to Nestroom’);

  • New ‘Settings’-icon in ‘Me’-menu;

  • New dialog (Habbo News);

  • New command (:news) for above mentioned dialog;

  • New Hotel view;

  • You are now able to report a habbo when clicking on that
    particular Habbo (also able via ‘Call For Help’-menu);

  • ‘Public’-tab (Navigator) now set as default
    (previously: ‘Events’).

Returned features:

  • Trax (At this moment, you’re only able to switch the Trax
    on and off).



  • New Pet Commands;

  • New Pet Options (walk around with pets in other rooms, train your pets, ...);

  • New Pet Furni (Nest + Food);

  • New Achievements;

  • New ‘Pets’-tab in Inventory;

  • New dialog (Habbo News);

  • Small update at the ‘Close’ button ([X]) at the ‘Me’-menu and Inf-o-Matic;

  • Ability to allow or disallow pets in your room.



  • New dialog when new achievement gained;

  • Ability to allow or disallow other users’ pets to eat any food that is in your room;

  • Facebook integration, ability to log in at Habbo via Facebook;

  • New pets (Bear, Terrier and Pig, released for Christmas 2009).



  • New Pet Commands;

  • New icons at ‘Me’-menu for Credits and News;

  • New inclient dialog for above mentioned credits-icon. Also, no more newsbox popping up when going back to hotelview;

  • New way to sell/trade furniture called ‘Habbo Marketplace’ (Available at the Catalogue);

  • Ability to log in at Habbo via other services (Google, Yahoo!, Twitter, Windows Live).



  • Gift wrapping - 1 credit for a custom wrapping (34 boxes, 10 ribbons to choose from);

  • Gift related achievements/badges added (for giving and receiving);

  • ‘Snap to edges’ functionality for posters added;

  • Little interface changes (registration);

  • (Might have been earlier) Functionality for sellings items with attached badge (immediately applied).


Intermediate release with some major refinements to the marketplace, which added advanced search and ordering, item details on pricing development, and details on current and past availability.



  • Room option ‘Walk through people’ added (preventing blocking);

  • Functionality for private bots added;

  • Option to attach multiple Habbo characters to a Facebook (or other 3rd party) account;

  • HC member ‘Choose your gift’ functionality added.



  • Registering an new account with a 3rd party account simplified;

  • Addition of a friend request popup bubble when in same room, showing you who requested it. Can be answered straight away or moved to side.



  • Release of HC member gift choosing;

  • Functionality for changing names added (for upcoming merge of US and Canadian hotel).



Besides some preparations for VIP (v49) this update is all about the introduction of the ‘Habbo ID’, which is basically your email address, to which multiple accounts can be attached. Login, changing details and all kind of related things are updated to match this ID, by which you're now supposed to log in with.



This update is all about introduction of the VIP club, an extended version of Habbo Club (which is still there, but now an inbetween version in the middle of normal and VIP). Introduction of VIP includes:

  • A full new line of furniture to choose from, replacing old HC furniture;

  • New clothes, new hair, option to choose/match multiple colors of some clothing;

  • New HC and VIP badges;

  • New room layouts (8: 2 for HC, 6 for VIP);

  • Other VIP benefits, like ability to have 900 friends, double amount of ads on marketplace for one credit, double storage of outfits in wardrobe, two pieces of furniture each month;

  • And (bug or not ?) ability to go barefoot.



  • 2 extra VIP furniture to choose from when VIP;

  • New clothes.



  • Groups now have a limit of 10.000 reactions on a topic. When reached, the topic closes automatically;

  • New clothes (one of them is the winning Habbo Runway outfit).



  • Ability to have a room without walls (VIP only);

  • New clothes, new faces, and the ability to put a number on your shirt (referring to the upcoming WK and Soccer furni).



  • No major changes, only noticeable change is that Habbo’s, animals, clothes, ... now load when entering a room (Habbo’s are black with a white stroke, pets are covered with a cloth as in Beta phase, ...).



  • Additional ‘Character settings’ at the ‘Me-menu’ when clicked at ‘Settings’ (Revamped COM only, and only when logged in via email adress, so to switch easy between different accounts);

  • New clothes (Swimwear, referring to the summer).



No big changes, only Habbo-ID update (revamped COM only): Easier to log in via third party services and the ability to add more email adresses to one Habbo ID, and change the password of each of those email adresses.



  • New pets (Lion and Rhino).



  • New Log in page.



  • New ‘Home’-button at Homepage;

  • ‘Club Benefits’ popup box when logged in;

  • ‘Buy in catalogue’-button appears in Inf-O-Matic when pressed on a furniture available in the catalogue;

  • Ability to place more of the same furniture in a room at once;

  • Furniture can easily be picked up by holding down the ‘Control’-button and clicking on the furniture;
  • URL’s are now underlined and clickable in Speech Bubbles (removed later).

Returned features:

  • ‘Battle Ball’, now called ‘Battle Banzai’. Special Battle Banzai furniture allows users to create games in Guestrooms.



  • Ability to share rooms on Facebook;

  • Room rating changed to 'Thumbs up';

  • Updated Embed URL.



  • White transparant avatar in stead of black loading avatar when entering room.



  • Empty categories in Inventory are now filled with an image and a ‘Open catalogue’-button;

  • Updated registration page;

  • ‘o/’-shortcut for waving taken away.



  • Wired Furniture introduced.



  • New game ‘Tag’ introduced;

  • Added ‘Achievement Score’;

  • Pop-up window when achieving new Achievement. Ability to share on Facebook;

  • Updated Toolbar: Zoom In/Out and ‘Go to Hotelview’-buttons taken away, now a button when clicking ‘Room’-icon;

  • Updated Inf-O-Matic;


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